Even the most ethically-minded parent will give up on a good habit if it makes their lives harder. That’s my experience as an eco-conscious mother of two who does her best to raise little people with low waste and natural products. This is why Thankyou baby products have been a baby staple since my little girl was born two years ago, followed by my son eighteen months later.

I met my husband – an environmental scientist – when we were both hiking across the Tasmanian rainforest to raise awareness of open cut mines planned for the area. So, we try to reduce our footprint on the planet which was relatively easy when we were just lovers – but a lot trickier with a houseful of tiny bottoms.

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In the daytime, we got the hang of Modern Reusable Cloth nappies but, after finding they tended to leak overnight, we switched to Thankyou nappies for all sleeps. Instead of feeling guilty every time I loaded up my trolley at the supermarket, I could ease my conscience by thinking that at least our nappy budget is going to a good cause. And, it’s like there’s a club of Thankyou nappy users – the mamas you exchange nods with at Playgroup when you spot that signature monochrome pattern.

So, what about the Baby Care range?

Neither of my children have sensitive skin so I don’t have to be too careful what I bath them with. Instead, I tend to make my choices based on natural ingredients (tick for Thankyou), availability (tick – as you can buy it in Woolworths, Baby Bunting and online at thankyou.co) and whether it foams up just enough to appease my toddler’s bubble love (tick). 

Every night, after dinner, I wash my son in the kitchen sink. Thankyou baby bath wash, with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, gives our open-plan house a beautiful but subtle smell. And, when my toddler runs the shampoo in her eyes – because she insists on washing herself – we don’t get the warbling screams of other shampoos. I use it myself too!

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When I became a mother, I vowed that I would make my own baby wipes after a friend sent me a YouTube video – but I haven’t. Recently, I’ve fallen into the habit of buying the cheapest baby wipes on the market because we get through so many, but after using Thankyou wipes again, I’ve remembered why I used to buy them. They’re thicker, smell far nicer and, when my baby son sucks on them, I don’t need to worry (although I’d prefer that he didn’t!) 

As a mama, you have to set realistic expectations. My toddler does watch my iPad, she loves sugar and her toy box is frustratingly full of plastic. But at least, with Thankyou, I feel like I’m rebalancing the damage by helping to fund safe births and support mothers in need. Any product that lessens mother’s guilt is good with me

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