From Little Dreamer to Little Champion: A guide to your baby’s age and stage

How exciting is seeing your mini human achieve those baby milestones, like their first smile, rolling over, sitting, crawling, eating solids, walking… and the list goes on! If you’re a first-timer at the parent thing, we’ve put together a little guide for what to expect. But remember, every bub develops at a different pace, so enjoy the journey and try not to worry!

We think a nappy name should reflect more than just the size and weight of your baby, that’s why our names represent who your baby is and the stage of development they’re in! Weight range is provided as a suggestion for what your little one wears, but ultimately, we want you to feel empowered to make the right size call. Trust those new parent instincts ;)


Right now the reality of parenthood may be setting in as you and your new bub make the transition back into home life. Your newborn is spending a lot of time dreaming while sleeping those extended hours and doing all the other fun things like pooping, feeding, crying and displaying some crazy ninja reflexes. Their nappy has been designed for this stage with triple layer technology to help prevent nappy rash by drawing moisture into the core and keeping your bub drier for longer! We’ve also included a wetness indicator to help you decipher if that cry indicates a nappy change #fewernappychanges #winningalready!

By the time 3 months rolls around, you’ll have a completely different bub on your hands (and maybe fewer poops to change too!) Your cutie has made some big developments and can now stay awake for longer, lock eyes with you, giggle and even hold a squeaky conversation. Don’t forget to give yourself a little reminder that you’re nailing this parenthood thing ;)

Little Dreamer 2

You may have a little talker on your hands, so be prepared to capture all the laughter and hilarious moments your little bundle of joy brings. You might be nailing ‘peek-a-boo’ as your cutie starts to master their smile and giggle, making those 3am feeds just that much more bearable. But oh, the sleep deprivation is still real! Luckily your little bundle of joy has a comfy, slimline nappy to roll around in, making tummy time easy-peasy. Solids are just around the corner too, hooray! Keep an eye out for teeth that might be making their way through and with your little one wanting to touch and taste everything, be prepared for things to get messy ;)

Bundle Of Joy Harper

Your go getter is officially mobile and ready to tear the place apart - hello baby proofing! But don't stress, we've researched and have come to the conclusion that go getter's who pull all the tupperware out of the cupboard will go on to change the world one day. Their nappy is perfectly designed to stop leakage whilst being super comfy during all the crab-crawling adventures they might go on ;) Don’t worry if crawling isn’t on the agenda just yet… every bub develops at their own pace! And hey, maybe they just find sitting in their Thankyou nappy way too comfy ;)

Go Getter Hazel

Suddenly your baby has grown up in the blink of an eye and you’ve got a mover and shaker on your hands! Your little world changer might already be walking, sometimes strutting like they own the place. Your bub is learning new things every day including how to be independent, how to get into places they shouldn’t, pulling everything out of cupboards and even ripping off their nappy! Good news though, once you get that nappy on, it will last up to 12 hours. That means long adventures are a must!

Mover Shaker Isaiah

By now you may be in ‘terrible twos’ territory and that temper you never thought would show has made itself known for the world to see! Your little trail-blazer has found their voice and certainly lets everyone know. They’ve become a little explorer, with a sudden new found energy to keep going from morning til night! An update on the baby proofing is probably needed as your trail-blazer makes their way from one corner of the house to the other, maybe even mumbling a word here and there! Their little brains are bursting with activity and by the time your trail-blazer hits 2, potty training might be the next milestone to check off the list!

Trail Blazer 2

Your little champion is officially starting to think and act for him or herself and most likely in ways you haven't seen before! Your toddler has become more comfortable with testing the boundaries and displaying that enthusiastic personality, which can sometimes be a little defiant! Don't be too concerned, it's all part of your little one discovering who they are and reaching those typical 2 year old social milestones. Their little champion nappy will continue to be absorbent and super comfy as they venture into the big world just a little more every day, playing with other toddlers and finding ways to express themselves. Your babe might show signs of being ready for toilet training or maybe they're still comfy in their nappy for the time being. Wherever they're at, we’re championing YOU on as you journey the transition of your little champ from baby to child.

Little Champion Jed

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