This is the story of how Thankyou baby was made, which took a little longer than nine months, but still involved lots of careful planning and tons of excitement. As with most of our crazy ideas, it all started with a leap of faith. We saw an opportunity to make a range of top-notch baby products, with the power to create real positive change.

Idea size: poppy seed

Every 103 seconds a mother dies in childbirth and globally 2.9 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life because they don’t have access to basic health care. For both of these stats, 99% of these deaths happen in developing nations. Thankyou baby exists to tackle and reduce these numbers. We asked ourselves, what if changing a nappy could help change them? We decided to create a range of baby products so good they would make changing the world an easy choice for parents.

Idea size: kidney bean

Like every expecting parent, we wanted to make sure our Thankyou baby had the best chance at a happy healthy (shelf) life. So we decided to scour the globe to find the best materials for our modern cloth nappies, disposable nappies and range of baby care and wipes. Super strong tabs, pulp from sustainably managed forests, organic cotton for the modern cloth nappies, the gentlest ingredients like chamomile for our baby care range as recommended by leading dermatologists in the field and endorsed by celebrity GP Dr Ginni Mansberg. Only the best for our bundle of joy!

Idea size: lime

It was time to announce the BIG news to our nearest and dearest! Our co-founder and Brand Director Justine (and mother) worked closely with our innovation panel of moving and shaking mamas on design, product names and ingredients. The panel included kids fashion designer, Sasha Deacon from Beau Hudson, mother of four (including triplets!) and marketing consultant, Emily Murray and blogger and entrepreneur of Project You + Me, Ina Odak. We wanted to make sure the range looked as good on the outside as it was on the inside, so decided on a striking monochrome pattern design across the board, slim skinny jean-friendly nappies and baby care labels that would be a chic addition to any bathroom.

Idea size: avocado

Now we were ready to take the range to a wider group of experts. Enter army of 40 parents from around the country! We sent sample after sample to our everyday mums and dads, listening to and applying their feedback along the way, until everyone was happy. Not that we’ve hung up our booties in that department. We promised ourselves that we would keep listening and keep refining our nappies with every version that went to market. If you have any feedback on our nappies, we would LOVE to hear from you ([email protected])

Idea size: banana

Round about now we felt our Thankyou baby’s first “kick”. It was all starting to feel very real. Especially when we compared our products to what was already on the market. Our nappies were going to be chlorine, fragrance and latex free. While our baby care range had no nasties in it, meaning no SLS, SLES, EDTA, or parabens, AKA some pretty toxic stuff that is way too often found in baby care products! Like, crazily often. Not for our precious bubba thank you very much!

Idea size: corn on the cob

The start of our “third trimester” meant lights, camera, production. We found some amazing manufacturers and started to produce the range. Our thick baby wipes would be made in a wind-powered factory in New York using water so pristine it’s also used in IV drips, our disposable nappies at an incredible factory in China and our cloth nappies at an equally awesome one in India. Baby care manufactured in our home base, Melbourne with experts in eco body care of over 20 years of experience. Our product managers chose the manufacturers based on their ethical working conditions, the high quality of their work and proximity to our material suppliers.

Idea size: eggplant

We had warehouses full of carefully crafted baby products, but no money to launch them into the market. Enter Chapter One, the story of Thankyou so far, written by our co-founder Daniel Flynn. The book was sold with a “pay what you want” price tag, and thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters, we managed to raise 1.4 million dollars from a crowd funding campaign in only 28 days (!!!) which we’re still pinching ourselves over. Thankyou baby was almost ready to meet the world.

Idea size: mini watermelon and Thankyou baby is born!

On July 27th 2016 we welcomed our beautiful baby into the world! First name ‘Thankyou’ second name ‘baby’. We’re so excited for you to meet our precious bundle of joy. The arrival has already started getting child and maternal health programs to families in need, and we couldn’t be prouder of the little world changer.

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