This week at Thankyou we’ve hit a pretty big milestone. We’re stoked to let you know that, with your help, we’ve given a total of over $1 million to projects throughout our five-year journey!

It’s exciting what this figure represents in terms of impact.

Through your support and the support of other Australians who buy our Thankyou Water, Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care products, so far we’ve been able to help:

– 73,340 people receive safe water access
– 67,227 people receive health and hygiene training; and
– 6865 people secure short-term food supply and long-term food security.

What’s awesome is that these numbers represent individual lives that have been radically changed through the provision of basic human needs. Needs that we can so often take for granted in Australia.

We’ve met so many individuals who have shown us how their lives have been turned around through something as simple as safe water access. Individuals like 15 year-old Vianney in Burundi who is now able to study at school after previously having to walk a long uphill journey each day to collect water (water that wasn’t even clean) for his family to drink. Individuals like Ken Chun in Cambodia for whom safe water has brought life and hope back to her family after living through the horrific genocide under the Khmer Rouge regime.

It’s stories like these that drive us to keep growing Thankyou. Stories of lives being changed and individuals having their quality of life restored.

We know we say this a lot, but this really is just the beginning. We’re excited to keep growing Thankyou this year to see it eventually become a household name in Australia. Why? Because the more we grow, the more people we can help. It’s all about people.

Together, let’s keep changing the world!